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I replaced a fan in a room with an old chandelier. Both of the wires coming out of the chandelier are brown. I am needing a professional to attach the wires. It is already in place. I also have a switch in my kitchen that needs a better connection to the lighting wires.

Amber B

We are moving to Rogers next week and I am needing a hot tub hooked up, a wall outlet fixed that is not working, and a ceiling fan fixed. I was really wanting to get an estimate for all three, but mainly the hot tub hook up. Thanks, Chris

Chris L

I would like to know a cost for having my breaker box changed out from the bulb breakers to the updated switches. Thank you

Dorthea G

I would like a quote please for the following electrical work: install security light, disconnect vent hood electrical, and replace light fixture w/ ceiling fan.

Sonia F

I would like to see about getting our patio outlet re-wired properly for our hot tub to connect. The current outlet is a standard double outdoor plug. The hot tub plug is a Watkins GFCI (CL A, 120V 60HZ 20A 2400W). I'm not sure if we need a designated circuit and/or what cost might be involved in getting the outlet plug-in ready for the hot tub. Thanks.

John C

Light switch for front porch and garage front lights pops the breaker each time it is used. This problem does not occur with any other sockets or switches on the breaker. A friend with some electrical experience checked the switch and terminal boxes and saw no obvious damage or corrosion. Looking for some professional help

Jeremy H

I would like to have an electrician look at a problem we have. We have no power on one circuit which operates most of the lighting in one end of our house. I have verified that the circuit breaker is good, I switched it with a known good one. I have no idea where the Junction Box is. Thanks Rocky

Rocky M

I need a couple of outlets placed on the walls of my sunroom. At present the only outlets are on the floor and this is a safety hazard, since I now have fish tanks there.

Shirin D

I would like a quote please for the following electrical work:

1) install Dryer outlet in garage

2) install 9 can lights in living room (drop ceiling)

Grant G

We just purchased a home and there are electrical concerns with the wiring to the breaker box. Two wires are supposed to be wired in the box, but there are three.

Sam W

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